About  Africa

Playball Africa is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to inspiring and encouraging young Africans and building Communities through Baseball by providing a positive baseball experience to children across Africa especially those in deprieved communities.

We host regular season league for girls and boys, ages 8-16, and summer camps for ages 5-18.  Our regular season runs from mid-march through the end of june, and our summer camps runs from late june through late July. Our elite baseball academy runs all year round.

Girls Baseball


Empowering young girls through the exciting sport of baseball. Join us in revolutionizing the game and promoting inclusivity for all.

Youth Travelball


Our focus extends to the exciting world of travelball, providing opportunities for teams to explore the game beyond borders. 

Educational Scholarship


We believe in the power of baseball to transform lives. Our programs go beyond bats and balls; we offer educational scholarships to aspiring athletes. We aim to provide the necessary resources and opportunities

for talented individuals to pursue their dreams. 

All-Africa Baseball Academy

GOLDCOAST PIRATES                                                                                                    Our elite baseball program that provides opportunities for young athletes to learn and play the game. Join us in fostering a love for baseball across the continent and empowering the next generation of baseball players in Africa.

Age group 8-16

Our Program Offers:

  • All summer round
  • 2 practices per week 
  • Grades monitored
  • Skills development clinics
  • T-Shirt and equipment provided
  • Visits from special guest coaches

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